UGA football player Orson Charles arrested for DUI

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DUI enforcement in Georgia is aggressive. Throughout the metro area, numerous motorists are stopped and arrested for driving under the influence ( DUI ) and related offenses such as minor in possession of alcohol ( MIP ) and possession of marijuana / drugs. This past weekend, former UGA tight end, Orson Charles, was arrested in Athens in the early morning hours. According to the DUI police report, Charles had his car stopped in the road for no reason and he did not perform well on the DUI field sobriety evaluations. He was given a breath test and was found to be over the legal limit in GA. He was arrested and is now awaiting his initial court date.

Forsyth County GA is one of the toughest jurisdictions in northern GA when it comes to DUI offenses. Any given night, if you drive around Forsyth County, you will likely see numerous Forsyth Co. police vehicles and may even see people performing the DUI evaluations such as the one leg stand and the walk the line test. Forsyth County prosecuting attorneys are zealous in their prosecution of DUI cases. They often offer outrageous plea offers for even a first time DUI including jail time, high fines and fees, probation, lengthy license suspensions and other sanctions like MADD victim impact panels and alcohol and addiction treatment and counseling. They also maintain a DUI court program which requires weekly court apperances and random searches of one's home.

If you have had the unfortunate circumstance of being arrested for a Forsyth County DUI offense, call our Forsyth DUI office today for a free case evaluation. Our experienced team of DUI lawyers is available to help you through this difficult time and to get your best result. Our DUI office is open 24/7, so call us anytime about your legal needs.

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