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If you have had your driver's license suspended due to a DUI offense or some other charge, your life can be very complicated. Did you know there are often legal actions that can be taken to assist you in getting your license back? A suspended license can be appealed by a skilled Forsyth County DUI attorney. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, the legal team has worked in the area of driver's license suspensions for over 20 years and is well-qualified to move forward with the case. Each case is unique and must be reviewed as to how you lost your license and what actions need to be taken to get your license back.

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When one depends upon their ability to drive to get to work, school, church, or other normal day to day activity, the loss of a person's license creates a terrible hardship. When the license suspension is related to a commercial driver's license, your livelihood is now at stake. Immediate action is necessary to protect or restore your right to drive. Richard Lawson has a successful track record of helping people restore their right to drive. The legal team at the firm understands the importance of your case and will go to work at once.

In cases in which marijuana possession charges are involved, you can also get assistance from the firm. Richard Lawson is ready to fight for your rights and the restoration of your driving privilege. Any case of DUI or other offense that has resulted in the loss of your license needs immediate action. Don't wait too long – there are time restrictions in these cases. Call immediately for information about what can be done in your case. Act quickly, so the attorney can take action on your behalf.

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