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Modern day technology helps makes us more independent day in and day out.  The Internet allows us to access a wealth of information that only a few years ago would not have been possible for the average man.  That being said, it is tempting to attempt to resolve your DUI charge without the expert assistance of a DUI lawyer in Forsyth County. A quick online search is not adequate when your ability to drive and your freedom is on the line. 

Often, individuals think that their case is simple and that they can just talk to the judge to resolve their charges.  Unfortunately, this tactic may backfire and further complicate your case. Contact an experienced DUI attorney in Forsyth immediately following your arrest in order to improve the outcome of your DUI charge. 

There are many different types of DUI defenses that the experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson may employ in order to resolve your DUI charge, for example: 

1.  Was reasonable suspicion to stop the vehicle present?

2.  If there was a roadblock, did the police follow the appropriate procedures, such as:

        a.  A legitimate purpose such as check for licenses, not general law enforcement

        b.  Stopping every vehicle

        c.  Was the roadblock properly marked?

        d.  Did a police supervisor approve the checkpoint and its legitimate purpose?

        e.  Was the detention be brief and for the correct legal purpose

3.  Was the stop a pretext or was someone racially profiled?

4.  Were field sobriety tests performed and demonstrated in a manner consistent with proper police training?

5.  Was the arrestee properly advised of their implied consent rights and were their questions answered correctly?

6.  Did the arresting officer properly explain your implied consent rights?

7.  If the driver's vehicle was searched, was there probable cause to search the vehicle?

8.  Did the officer violate your 5th Amendment right to remain silent after the arrest (Miranda Rights)?

9.  Was there Probable Cause to make the arrest for DUI?

10.  If a breath test was given, was the machine working and serviced correctly?

11.  If there was a blood test, was there a proper chain of custody of the blood, or could the sample be switched with another person's sample? 

12.  If there was a urine test, was there a proper chain of custody of the urine, or could the sample be switched with another person's sample? 

13.  If the blood or urine test shows prescription drugs, were the drug levels within the therapeutic range or the abusive range?

14.  Was the client told that he or she had a right to an independent breath, blood, or urine test?

15.  Was the officer properly trained to make DUI Arrests?

16.  Did the officer have a disciplinary record?

17.  If the blood or urine test shows the presence of marijuana metabolites, are the metabolites active THC or inactive; meaning, could the marijuana have actually had an impact on the driving itself?

18.  Was there an accident, could the other driver have been at fault?

19.  If there was an accident, could the driver have appeared impaired because of injury or disassociation from the accident itself?

20.  Did the airbag deploy in an accident, thus causing the driver to become dazed and confused? 

Contacting our firm immediately following your DUI arrest is crucial if you want to protect your rights.  The legal experts at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson have over years of experience working with individuals charged with DUI.  We will review the unique details of your case and develop the best defense possible in order to protect your right to drive.

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