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Many people have their first experience with the criminal justice system when they are arrested for a DUI. This can be a frightening situation, and you may not be sure what to do, or how to protect yourself. The most critical matter after an arrest is to contact a Forsyth County DUI attorney to assist you Richard S. Lawson has 25 years of experience in DUI cases, and has resolved over 5,000 cases. As a former DUI prosecutor, he has a deep insight into the legal process in a DUI charge - from both sides of the aisle. This depth of experience allows him to evaluate a first time DUI offense and determine the best course of action, based upon the evidence.

First Time DUI Penalties in Georgia

The penalties involved in a first DUI conviction are extensive, including from 24 hours - 1 year in jail, a fine up to $1,000, and the loss of your legal right to drive through license suspension for up to 1 year. You will also be required to take part in community service for a minimum of 40 hours. Every case is judged individually, and in fact the judge in your case can make a difference in the extent of your penalties. It is extremely important that you have legal representation working on your case as early as possible after your arrest. With a full evaluation of all the evidence, we may discover that there were serious flaws or errors that could lead to a dismissal. We take action immediately for our clients. It is imperative that you contact us if you are facing a first time DUI charge, so that we can take the necessary actions for you.

The level of experience of your defense lawyer is a significant issue. Our firm defends DUI cases exclusively, and we are not involved in other practice areas. This allows us to focus on this area of the law, and to have developed a great number of resources that can benefit our clients. We urge you to contact us at once if you need legal representation to protect you in a 1st DUI charge.

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