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About Accidents and Serious Injury by Vehicle

When an accident with serious injury occurs, the individuals involved in the accident are usually tested for their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level. If one of the individuals involved in the accident registers at .08% or above, it is often concluded that this is the person responsible for the accident. In fact in some cases, after an independent investigation launched by a Forsyth County DUI lawyer, it can be proven that the client is not the responsible party. The client may have been DUI, but that does not automatically make the client guilty of causing an accident that injured another party.

Each case has its own unique circumstances and must be fully reviewed by a skilled legal team in order to establish how to best move forward with your defense. It is crucial that you act quickly in such a serious case. If you are convicted, the penalties can be severe. You could have a suspended license for up to three years and there will no option for you to seek a restricted license. You will also go to jail or even prison. In a serious injury by vehicle case you are at risk for a felony conviction that can send you to prison for a long time. You need a relentless defense from an attorney who is not afraid to challenge the evidence in order to win your case.

Forsyth County DUI Attorney

Facing a serious DUI charge such as a case in which an accident with injury has occurred, requires an extremely knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer acting quickly on your behalf. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson the legal team has over 20 years of focusing exclusively on DUI offenses including cases in which an accident with injury has occurred. These cases must be handled quickly and with skill. If you are convicted, you can face extremely serious repercussions. The penalties for DUI are tough in this state, and when an injury has taken place, the charge can be increased to a felony offense. Having a felony on your record can cause repercussions such as a loss of the right to own a firearm. Also, convicted felons have great difficulty getting a job. So in effect, the consequences of being charged and convicted of a felony can change your entire life.

It is crucial that you get an attorney from the firm prior to submitting to questioning by law enforcement. Injury accidents are frightening and you could in your distress, say something that could be detrimental to your case. Protect yourself and call a DUI defense lawyer from the firm to protect your rights and to fight aggressively against the charge.

Contact a Forsyth County DUI lawyer if you have been arrested and charged with a DUI involving an accident or serious injury.

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