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Charged with under 21 DUI in Forsyth County?

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI under the age of 21, you are in serious trouble. The state has very serious penalties for those who have been found to be under the influence of alcohol while underage. Even if you are not exhibiting signs of dangerous driving, if you register at .02% or above blood alcohol concentration (BAC), you will be arrested and charged. You will have your driver's license suspended and will face other possible repercussions such as fines, community service, and an alcohol risk reduction class. If you are convicted under this law, you will lose your license for 6 months to 1 year (depending on the BAC), owe expensive fines (often in excess of $1,000), and have to serve 12 months on probation. More importantly, you can have a lifetime criminal record for an offense where you may not have actually been impaired. It is vital that you contact a Forsyth County DUI lawyer quickly if this is your situation.

Forsyth County Under 21 DUI Lawyer

The loss of a driver's license is considered a strong deterrent for young people who would consider drinking any amount of alcohol and driving. However, it has been proven that the testing equipment used for breath tests in alcohol related arrests is inaccurate. The results can vary several percentage points. As a result, it is genuinely possible that an individual could register at .02% and have consumed absolutely no alcohol. These cases are frustrating, as the young person is innocent of the charge but will still have to fight to get their license back and their reputation restored.

The legal team at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson has handled countless DUI under 21 charges for clients and knows how to fight to defend these cases. With an attorney from the firm fighting for your rights, you can increase the possibility of a better outcome in your case and increase the likelihood of avoiding six months without being able to drive.

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