Wrestler Arrested for DUI

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Former WWE wrestling champion Matt Hardy was arrested recently for a second DUI in North Carolina. His car was reportedly spotted by other motorists who were concerned that he was going to cause an accident. A responding law enforcement officer allegedly saw Hardy's car swerving into a curb and then back onto the road. The officer initiated a stop based on the impaired driving. According to source, Hardy exhibited signs that the officer felt were consistent with DUI - slurred speech and sleepy eyes. The officer asked Hardy to submit to DUI field sobriety tests, which he did. During the walk and turn test, Hardly reportedly lost his balance and the test had to be stopped. Hardy then agreed to take the breathalyzer test which revealed no alcohol! However, the tests continued and Hardy was arrested for DUI-drugs. He is scheduled to appear in court for arraignment in late November.

In Cumming, GA, Forsyth County police officers make thousands of arrests for DUI. It usually begins with a traffic stop for something like speeding or failing to maintain lane. Then the officer will observe things like slurred speech, an odor of alcohol, or bloodshot eyes. Usually the officer will ask the driver to take field sobriety tests. When the Forsyth County officer fails the driver, they will usually place the driver under arrest for DUI and ask the driver to submit to a breath test. If the officer suspects the driver to be under the influence of drugs as opposed to alcohol, then they might ask the driver to take a blood test instead. A DUI-drug offense carries with it the same serious consequences as a DUI-alcohol charge expect that the possible sanctions on one's drivers license are even more severe. Plus, the driver faces being charged with possession of any illegal drugs that may be found as well. Drivers are often charged with both DUI - drug offenses and possession of marijuana.

As Forsyth County judges are very hard on DUI offenders, a good DUI lawyer is important to getting you the best possible results and keeping your license. Call Forsyth County DUI lawyer Richard Lawson today to discuss how to beat your case and stay driving. Attorney Lawson has helped thousands of people charged with DUI and he can help you too.

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