Cell Phones and DUI Arrests

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any DUI arrests come from the police stopping a car for reasons other than the suspicion of DUI. Some DUI arrests in Georgia result from an investigation following an officer stopping a vehicle for speeding, failing to use a signal, or similar rather innocent but valid reasons for the detention.

Being a not-so-great driver is not an element of a DUI charge, although it usually is thought that some driving errors will happen if a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Police officers patrol late at night in search of drivers under the influence and will stop a vehicle for the smallest traffic infraction as a way to determine whether this particular driver has been drinking. This very infraction likely would result in no police action if it occurred in the middle of the day. Officers have many tools under the law in their search to arrest the driver and investigate that person as a possible DUI.  Being distracted by a telephone call or sending or receiving texts (remember, texting is now illegal in Georgia since July 1, 2010) could cause one of those infractions.  Cell phone use can lead to accidents or cause suspicion that you may be driving under the influence as they can be quite distracting. You should try not to use your cell phone while you are driving or if necessary, use a hands-free or bluetooth device.

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